O.Fred Donadson in San Francisco Bay Area, CA August 8-9-10, 2014

O. Fred Donaldson

Master of roly-poly play, international teacher, O. Fred Donaldson, the creator of Original Play and author of "Playing by Heart: The Vision and Practice of Belonging" will teach how we can play with our children in the way they truly wish to be played with.

Play becomes a language of deep connection, love, and understanding.

You are invited to Fred's transformative weekend workshop in Fairfax, CA.


Public talk: Friday eve August 8th 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Workshop: Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm and Sunday 12noon-3:00pm

WHERE: Private home in Fairfax, CA 94930

Please come dressed and prepared to be on the floor, and move freely and comfortably.

Children will be welcomed into the workshop for the last part of Sunday's playshop. 

Come Friday night only (drop-ins welcome / email carmen@newlearningculture.com for address): suggested donation $20

Please register with your payment for complete program: Friday night, Saturday and Sunday: $100 (instead of $185)

Contact Carmen Gamper for more information Carmen@NewLearningCulture.com

What is Original Play?

The Original Play® program is the result of thirty years of research on childrens', adults' and wild animals' play behaviour.

"Original Play"® seeks: to improve relationships between individuals and groups by replacing aggression and violence between people with kindness and love to make every child feel safe and loved.

"Original Play"®: presents an alternative to aggression and violence without the use of force, while maintaining self esteem for oneself as well as others. It provides choices of possible reactions to aggression, violence and fear without the need for revenge. It transforms deep-rooted negative habits and patterns of behaviour into new habits based on feelings of love, belonging and safety. It creates a safe space for the transformation of physical or verbal aggression.

"Original Play"® is a preventative, intervention and strategic process that uses the power of natural play to activate natural mechanisms of development and health.

"Original Play"® is a psychological and physiological process. It is a combination of cognitive, emotional and sensory-motor learning, which can only be understood and developed by practice.

"Original Play"® is free of competition, rivalry and feelings of winning or losing. It is a universal process, reaching beyond cultural, social or language boundaries. That is why it serves as the basis for interpersonal communication and cultural integration. It is a meeting place where we can feel that we belong to a group, without the social divisions.